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Which Workout Routine Is Better For Weight Loss?


Having trouble thinking of what workout routine to do next at home? You are not the only one. This applies to the debate over whether Pilates or yoga is good for you when it comes to your weight loss goals. Though both forms of exercise have evolved over the years, they are all low-impact exercises, which make it difficult for you to know which is better when trying to shed unwanted pounds. 

While Pilates is a form of exercise that was introduced to America by a German anatomist in the early 20th century, yoga is a popular holistic discipline from India. Both help you connect with your body, relieve stress and improve flexibility, control and endurance. The similarities in their benefits make it difficult for people to distinguish one from the other.

This article discusses the differences between Pilates and yoga and which is better for weight loss.

What Is Pilates? 

Pilates was developed by physical trainer Joseph Pilates at the end of World War I to rehabilitate wounded soldiers, as well as injured athletes and dancers. This low-impact exercise improves posture, develops balance and builds overall strength.

Pilates stabilizes your muscles by increasing strength and flexibility, better balance and decrease joint pain. Though the equipment used to do the workout is unique, what is important is that you start each exercise with a controlled breath that initiates core muscle contraction. Pilates is beneficial for those suffering from arthritis, joint injuries, back pain, respiratory conditions and urinary inconsistencies.

What Is Yoga? 

Yoga is a way of improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength through body postures or poses (asanas) and breath control. It was originated thousands of years ago in India to help improve mental state of being. 

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Yoga focuses on mindfulness and deep-breathing, combining physical activity and mindful focus to make a person be self-aware and be aware of the surrounding energy. It is also believed to provide various positive effects on medical issues such as anxiety, depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and more.

Which Exercise Is For You?

Yoga and Pilates aid in sticking to a well-rounded fitness routine that aids in your weight loss goals. Both require doing different and challenging forms of body movement that can help you shed excess pounds.

Pilates is effective if you are older or are recovering from injuries, but this low-impact workout is challenging if you have decreased mobility, especially as a result of joint pain.

On the other hand, while yoga itself requires your joints to be flexible and mobile, there are various forms that you can choose from depending on your condition, including acro and chair yoga.

Though both are good for weight loss, some reports suggest that yoga is more effective than Pilates when it comes to shedding pounds. The latter focuses more on toning muscles and core as well as improving posture.

pilates Trainer Anne Marie Smith (L) leads guests in a Pilates workout before dawn at the Biggest Loser Resort in Ivins, Utah September 6, 2010. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

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