May 27

Watch YouTuber Brandon Williams Do 3,000 Pull-ups in One Month


YouTuber Brandon Williams has taken on yet another fitness challenge and shared his results with his fans.

If you know Brandon Williams, you know that he loves to take on bizarre fitness challenges and share the outcome with his fans. Quarantine has been no exception for the fitness veteran, who took to YouTube to share with fans that he had taken on the challenge of doing 100 push-ups a day from homeThe challenge is obviously a difficult one but has been surprisingly popular among Brandon Williams and other YouTubers during quarantine because it produces dramatic results. Check out the video above in full to see his process and what the overall muscular outcome was.

“On the first three days, that was a little rough, OK, not gonna lie,” he says in the video of the rigorous physical difficult of the challenge. “Both my biceps and my back were super sore. Surprisingly, the soreness has been going away and it’s not really bothering me any more.” Obviously, 100 push-ups a day is difficult even for someone whose body is acclimated to hard workouts. Also, because Brandon Williams did these every day instead of alternating days or giving his body time to rest, there was a much higher chance of injury and probably he experienced a level of physical and joint pain much higher than the average athlete’s.

Brandon Williamson complained that part way through the challenge he started to get some “interesting pains” in his elbows, most likely due to this exact thing — extreme wear on the joints due to overuse at such an intense challenge. However, he manages to avoid any serious injury, and the outcomes in terms of muscle definition and thickness are astonishing. His back in particular is extremely muscular and he even comments on how happy he is with it in the video. “My shirts have started to feel smaller on me, like I’m filling them out more, so I’m pretty sure I gained a pretty decent amount of muscle,” he says. He also observes his back in particular is “way more dense and gorilla-like” after completing the challenge.

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It’s an extreme but interesting way to pass quarantine as we all work on perfecting our home workouts and experimenting with new ways of pushing ourselves. It’s also an interesting experience in endurance, since Williamson also documents how difficult it was for his body to adjust to such a rigorous and intense activity level daily. It’s probably not the best challenge for amateurs to undertake, but if you’re an intermediate or above level bodybuilder, this might be something you could consider doing a modified version of. We’re not all YouTubers trying to build up our channel with extreme stunts, so we shouldn’t be pushing ourselves to undertake dangerous challenges that could potential damage our bodies. However, the results really speak for themselves — people who know how to be responsible with working out shouldn’t hesitate to try this one out.

*All images and media courtesy of YouTube.

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