May 27

Top Cooling Foods To Include In Your Weight Loss Diet


Summer is finally here, and here are some cooling foods that can help comfort you down while also making sure you still get much-needed nutrients.

Cooling Foods To Include In Your Diet

For better or for worse, the summer is finally here. Unfortunately, the global climate crisis means that the summer we are getting now (and all summers that would be in the years to come) will be different from summers some 50 years ago. This means that the temperatures may continue to rise, indicating that we need to take all necessary precautions in order to cope with the sweltering heat and avoid heat strokes and the like.

Thankfully, your diet can play a big role in making sure you’re well-hydrated and cooled-down amid all of this heat. Here are some of the top foods that you can eat to make sure you don’t get cranky as the days go by.

Coconut Water

Nothing complements the sweltering heat of the summer weather better than a glass of cold coconut water. Filled with electrolytes and easily available, this miracle potion is a great way to get yourself hydrated and energized. A summer staple.


Found in detox drinks, salads, juices, raita and more, cucumbers are also an essential when it comes to cooling summer food. Filled with minerals and antioxidants, the cucumber may be crunchy, but make no mistake because 95 percent of it is just water, guaranteeing that you’re hydrated.


Similar to cucumber, watermelons are also mostly just water with the added benefits of nutrients. Want a cool drink without sugar? If so, then watermelons should be on the top of your list.

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A refreshing herb that exhibits immunity-boosting power, mint (or pudina) is a summer staple that’s effective in making sure that your digestion goes without any hitches while also making sure that your breath is fresh and cool.


Similar to mint, curd also helps boost your digestive system while also making sure you stay cool under the heat. Additionally, it’s also a storehouse of good bacteria, which then helps in making sure your gut is healthy and well-maintained.

Coconut Water Drinking coconut water can help treat dehydration and clear out urinary tract by giving good amounts of electrolytes. Pixabay

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