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The Modern Man’s Guide to Engagement Ring Shopping – Clean Origin


There’s a lot to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring. From sourcing a stone within your price range, choosing a style that suits your partner to the mystery of whether or not you got a quality product, there is a lot of work involved. But that’s the old fashioned way of doing things. Thankfully, modern brands like Clean Origin, a leading luxury purveyor of lab-grown diamonds, is making it a lot easier.

Selecting the Stone

First off, these diamonds give you a whole lot more for your money. Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds — with the exact same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical and physical properties as traditionally mined diamonds. Grown by recreating the conditions underneath the Earth that result in a diamond (pressure, heat and carbon), these lab-grown stones are graded on the exact same merits as their mined counterparts, known in the jewelry industry as the Four Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat.

Cut refers not to the shape, but rather the skill of the artisan who hand cuts the facets on each individual diamond.

In terms of color, we’re actually talking about the absence of color—the less color, the more light refraction and sparkle.

Clarity measures any natural inclusions or imperfections found in the stone.

Of course, carat refers to the actual weight of a diamond and is one of the biggest factors when it comes to price.

Lab-grown diamonds are not only more sustainable and conflict-free but because they sell for up to 40% less than mined diamonds, you can buy a larger, better quality diamond for your budget.

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Configuring the Ring

Clean Origin’s simple step-by-step configurator helps you find a style that suits your fiance, from classic and vintage-inspired options to more modern designs and bridal sets. You start by selecting your ring setting and metal preference (from yellow gold and platinum to white or rose gold) and then configure it with the lab-grown diamond size and shape of your choosing. Reversely, if you’ve found the perfect diamond, you can start with your stone and then find the setting to show it off.

The company was founded by a third-generation jeweler, who understands the ring-buying process inside and out, so the whole operation has been expertly thought out. And going online to do it has never made more sense. Finding what you are looking for is quick and straightforward, without any of the usual pressure that comes with buying in person. Not to mention the company’s free overnight shipping and hassle-free resizing. Suddenly, customizing the perfect engagement ring is now incredibly easy, affordable and more importantly, stress-free.

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