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Sustainable Gardening: Eco-Friendly Tips For…


7. Design with plants that suit your space

Once you get to know the conditions your space provides and have a good understanding of vegetable growing, you can start to think more about the appearance of plants and how they fit into the style of your home and garden.

Think about the colours of flowers and leaves, and the impact each plant creates. Some types of cabbage and kale can grow to an impressive size, with attractive deep green or purple leaves full of texture and interest. In the herb garden, lavender and sage both have lilac flowers and silvery foliage.

You may like to match your plants with similar tones, or create contrast with the white and yellow of chamomile, the orange of courgette flowers, or the bright orange of runner bean blooms.

Some flowers are edible, while others are not, so always take care to research or ask an expert which parts of a plant are safe for human consumption.

For first time growers, there’s so much excitement and pride in growing and eating your own produce.

For more experienced gardeners, there’s always more to try, varieties to experiment with, and ways to improve the productivity of your space.

Whichever category you fall into, it’s magical to experience the gentle development of a garden, understanding nature on a new level and being mindful about produce and the part it plays in our wellbeing.

Gardening in a mindful and sustainable way will offer a wide range of benefits, from your own positive wellbeing to supporting local wildlife and playing a part in taking care of the wider environment.

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Eliza Nicholas is the founder of Rocket Garden Design, an initiative prioritising wildlife and wellbeing. Based in London, she helps people discover their green fingers and create spaces that bring them closer to nature, as well as running workshops around the UK. Follow her on Instagram.

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