May 26

Solar-Powered Aquanima 40 Catamaran Is Entirely Fossil-Free, Self-Sufficient


Unveiled earlier this month in Bali, Indonesia, Eclipse, the first hull in the Aquanima 40 series, is now getting ready to start sea trials. The Eclipse is actually a catamaran fitted with solar panels, with solar-energy propulsion only. It is self-sufficient and comes with zero maintenance costs, which makes it as convenient as a yacht, even as regards non-stop ocean voyages.

Singapore-based Azura Marine currently offers two version in the Aquanima series, with pricing for the standard 40 series starting at $500,000. Owners can opt for the standard version, which includes 4 cabins for 8 guests, a fully stocked galley, dining room and even a six-person tender that can be charged from the yacht, or can customize everything from the layout to the propulsion, with the possibility of adding a rig for headsails.

The Eclipse can cruise non-stop thanks to the solar panels and the battery pack that stores energy for nighttime sailing. Thanks to its rain catchment system, water maker and AC water recovering, it won’t have to stop for water resupplies, either.

“For the owner, this means limitless cruising with no fuel costs, no noise or vibration, no smells, no polluting emissions and no disturbance of marine life. The electric motors are virtually maintenance-free with only a couple of low-cost bearings to be replaced at 20,000 hours (more than a typical lifetime usage of a yacht),” Azura Marine says.

The Eclipse can cruise up to 100 nautical miles a day on solar power, and is virtually noise free. It is also easy to operate and, thanks to the use of quality materials and finishes, comfortable enough to replace more luxurious versions of less eco-friendly vessels.

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“It was an enormous thrill to launch the yacht last week and undertake her first few miles at sea,” Azura Marine Co-Founder and CEO Julien Mélot said at the official launch. “The yacht met all our expectations and while the design makes for near silent operation with exceptional responsiveness, it was incredible to actually experience it – and all in the knowledge that we were not producing any harmful pollution or emissions.”

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