May 19

Sharon Osbourne: SLAMMED For Comments on Adele’s Weight Loss


As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Adele lost a lot of weight recently.

In fact, the singer trimmed down so much in such a short period of time that some fans thought she’d become unrecognizable.

The weight loss was unexpected.

But even more unexpected was the debate that raged on social media regarding how we should discuss Adele’s weight loss.

Some felt that the songstress should be applauded her commitment to a healthier lifestyle,

Others felt that congratulating her was a form of body-shaming, as it implied that there was something wrong with the way she looked before, and it might have a triggering effect on folks with similar physiques.

There are good arguments to be made in favor of both viewpoints.

It’s one of those situations in which reasonable people might find themselves forced to simply agree to disagree.

That said, no reasonable person can agree with Sharon Osbourne’s foolish comments about the situation.

Sharon has a history of saying the exact wrong thing in any situation, and her remarks about Adele are no exception.

“It was her time to lose weight, that’s all, in her journey, in her life,” Sharon said on a recent episode of The Talk

“When these women say that they are really happy in their body, I don’t believe them. My body was really, really big. But I wasn’t happy. Sure on the surface, but at night in bed alone, I was very unhappy.”

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Somehow, none of her co-hosts stopped her, and Sharon continued talking:

“I totally understand with Adele…She must have felt, you know what, I am going to try and lose weight for wherever reason — health, I am sure,” added Sharon.

“She looks absolutely fantastic. I am happy for her and everybody should be happy for her, because it was her choice,” Osbourne went on.

“She didn’t do it for anybody else but herself. And so, everybody should be happy for her.”

Where to begin?

For starters, Sharon is suggesting that Adele was unhealthy at her previous weight, and that’s just not something that can be known.

On top of that, she’s suggesting that Adele was unhappy at her previous weight, and that’s something we definitely don’t know.

Look, losing weight doesn’t crack the top 10,000 on the list of Adele’s accomplishments.

Prior to trimming down, she became one of the best loved singers in the world, welcomed a child, and made all kinds of cool celebrity friends.

It’s safe to assume she was pretty content.

Predictably, fans were not happy with Sharon’s comments.

“Just because YOU weren’t happy in your bigger body doesn’t mean other women can’t be,” one person tweeted, according to Hollywood Life.


“Dear @MrsSOsbourne, Adele lost weight for her OWN reasons” another chimed in.

“Do not try to apply your slighted logic to all women that have weight they need to loose. Sit down, Sharon. This comment was unnecessary.”

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The fact of the matter is, only Adele can ever really know what motivated Adele to lose .

So we should probably all stop guessing at her motives.

In fact, we could do her one better and stop publicly commenting on her body at all!

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