May 15

Sarah Paulson Gushes Over Adele When Asked About Being Compared To The Singer After Her Weight Loss Transformation!


A lot of fans noticed just how much Adele and Sarah Paulson look alike after the singer’s weight loss transformation! That being said, it turns out that the American Horror Story actress has heard about it as well and she’s rather flattered!

Paulson made it very clear that it’s definitely an honor for her to be compared to such a talented and beautiful star like Adele.

SiriusXM’s Jessica Saw asked Sarah while on an episode yesterday: ‘My Twitter absolutely blew up with people saying ‘oh my god, Adele in her birthday pic looks just like Sarah Paulson.’ Did you hear that as well?’

The actress responded that she was on Twitter as well when Adele’s weight loss pic taken at her birthday party started trending on the platform so she noticed her own name was also trending!

‘It said ‘Sarah Paulson’ was trending. I was like, ‘wait, what? Did I die? What happened?’ I was scrolling through it and, I was like, ‘Oh, it is the Adele thing again.’ It’s been going on for a while, this ‘Adele Looks Like Sarah Paulson,’ ‘Sarah Paulson Looks Like Adele.’ Look, I’ll take it,’ the actress told the host.

She went on to humbly add that: ‘What I wish they were comparing was my talent was to her talent, saying mine was great as hers, which, honestly, they cannot say, because no one’s talent is as great as hers…but I’ll take looking like her. Man, she’s a beauty. So, sure. Great. Give it to me. I’ll take it. I’ll take it.’

Sure enough, while the two equally beautiful and talented women have been compared for a while, the most recent picture from Adele from her 32nd birthday really solidified that they are each other’s doppelgangers!

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In the snap, Adele showed off her transformation in a black cocktail dress and smiled brightly, her features very similar to Sarah’s to the point that some could have sworn it was in fact the actress in the pic!

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