June 15

Piers Morgan addresses weight loss query with stern response


Andrea Caamano

Piers Morgan returned to Good Morning Britain after being off since Wednesday last week, and the presenter was soon asked if he had recently lost weight.

The TV star read out a tweet from a fan, which read: “Is it me or has @piersmorgan lost weight on his face? @susannareid100 looks lovely as usual and @DrHilaryJones looks more handsome than ever. Wouldn’t mind if he came and checked me over here.”

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Piers Morgan has denied losing any weight recently

Both Piers, 55, and Susanna, 49, were quick to deny he had lost any weight, simply replying with a stern “no”.

They then looked towards Dr Hilary, who cheekily replied to the fan’s suggestion by saying: “I’m free.”

Susanna and Piers looked on in shock before breaking down in a fit of giggles. “No, you’re supposed to say ‘don’t objectify me’,” said Susanna.

“Don’t objectify me,” Dr Hilary quickly said.

“You should be horrified by people looking at you and thinking you’re handsome,” added Piers.


Dr Hilary loved the compliment from the fan

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“What’s her lovely name?” Susanna asked in reference to the reader who had tweeted the comments.

“Sofia,” he replied, before reading out her biography which stated that she “loathes cruelty to animals. I’m a Croydon gal living in Cyprus who wants to help protect animals.”

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“You can take the girl out of Croydon but you can’t take Croydon out of the girl,” Susanna said whilst laughing.

Referring to her date of birth, which is listed as 1905 on her profile, Piers added: “That can’t be right, that would make her 1015. She can’t be! Hilary, she might be your age range.”

The fan was clearly delighted with the mention and quickly took to Twitter to thank Piers for reading out her message. “Ohhhh @piersmorgan you made my morning….. I’m recovering from covid here and hearing you mention my tweet has made the highlight towards my recovery (@susannareid100 Croydon gals stick together). Oh and I’m the same age as you Piers -tell @DrHilaryJones,” she said.

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