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NEIGHBORHOOD and LINC ORIGINAL MAKERS have linked up for a set of finely scented apothecary. After unveilng its NHLINC . NO.310 / G-DIFFUSER back in February, the two labels have crafted a candle, fragrance and room mist this time around.

The NO. 310 candle is made with soy wax in a sleek stainless steel case. It comes with all-natural eco-friendly ingredients, layered with citrusy notes at the top, followed by floral hints and scents of patchouli — the candle also comes with a wooden wick that creates a faint crackling sound while burning. The No. 323 “EAU DE PARFUM” fragrance embodies a dark brown glass case. It carries hints of rose and freesia, complemented by notes of peach, apricot and red currant. The room mist spray has been made using Okinawan sugarcane extract, yielding deodorizing properties with the same scents as the aforementioned apothecary. It’s steeped with 100% plant-derived alcohol and can be sprayed in a room, on clothes and various home staples like curtains, sofas or bedding.

LINC ORIGINAL MAKERS and NEIGHBORHOOD’s apothecary are currently available on NEIGHBORHOOD’s website, ranging from $18 — $130 USD.

In case you missed it, check out NEIGHBORHOOD’s whiskey bottle-inspired diffuser.

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