October 7

Mysterious Deaths Involving Infants, Kids Being Linked To Coronavirus


There are speculations that the novel coronavirus that is ravaging different parts of the world at present could have come earlier in California than what’s being reported. The assumptions surfaced as medical professionals seek answers for the mysterious deaths involving infants and children months before COVID-19 started making headlines.

The peculiar deaths were not limited to children, however. There were cases in which adult patients succumbed to death without a clear explanation on what really caused it. One of them is Maribeth Ortiz’s son Jeremiah DeLap, who passed away on Jan. 7 in Orange County without even seeing his parents prior his demise.

KTLA 5 reported that DeLap had been a healthy individual until days before his death when he thought he had food poisoning. Four days later he was found dead in bed and his lungs were characteristically drowned by fluids.

At the time of DeLap’s death, there was still no news about the novel coronavirus. It was only four days later when China announced its first COVID-19 death. Since then, the novel coronavirus began making headlines with frightening stories on how people who caught it in Wuhan struggled to breathe.

Some suspected that DeLap could have died of COVID-19 but there is no confirmation thus far. His case is just one of the 40 California deaths that are still waiting for a decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention if COVID-19 testing should be done or not, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles County has nine of these mysterious death cases. Orange County also has nine. Kern County has two, and one of them passed away on Dec. 21. However, official data from Kern County Public Health Service Department indicated that the first COVID-19 death in the county was recorded on March 17.

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So what’s preventing the CDC from subjecting the cases to coronavirus testing? Apparently, the effort is reportedly hobbled by bureaucracy and testing limits. But if these cases could be proven to be due to the novel coronavirus, then it could rewrite the whole narrative as to when the virus originally landed in the country.

coronavirus-testing-ap More testing is needed in the United States before the country can reopen, according to a study from Harvard Matthias Schrader/AP

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