May 19

London chef launches kickstarter for healthy plant-based instant noodles


A London chef has announced that he is launching a kickstarter for the creation of a new plant-based noodle product.

Carl Clarke, chef and founder of London restaurants Chick ‘n Sours and Chik’n, is launching the kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of Future Noodles.

The campaign is aiming to raise £50k for the creation of the product, and the founder says that for £150k it can create three variations.

Carl commented: “Working long shifts in the kitchen, my late night snack would always be Japanese instant noodles and as banging as they tasted, I knew they weren’t good for me.

“Aware that this is a worldwide problem and the busier our lives are, the unhealthier we all become, I started experimenting as I knew there must be a way to make instant noodles that were not only super tasty, but nutritionally complete.

“Having consulted some of the UK’s leading nutritionists, scientists and food innovators over the last year, Future Noodles was born.

“Fast forward and we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic but rather than delay, we’ve adapted and expedited.

“More so than ever, there are people in need, and we want to do something to help with Buy One, Give One.”

The ‘Buy One, Give One’ initiative will mean that for every packet bought, Carl and his team will donate a Future Noodle meal to someone who needs it, aiming to support those suffering from food poverty and homelessness.

If the kickstarter campaign target is reached, Future Noodles will feed 50,000 vulnerable people by the end of 2020.

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