May 9

Joe Rogan Says Body Positive “Bullies” Are Trashing Adele’s Weight Loss


If a woman loses weight in the forest and Joe Rogan isn’t there do an unsolicited 45 minute monologue about why his opinion of the situation is the most correct, does it make a sound?

Ironically, Joe Rogan starts to sound a lot like many of his special snowflake PC critics in this latest clip from The Joe Rogan Experience, where he claims that Adele is objectively better looking since she lost weight.

“The only reason why anybody would want to fight that, when so many people overwhelmingly say she looks better, is because they don’t want to look at themselves. It’s that simple. They don’t want to change, and they’re trying to bully you into deciding they’re beautiful if they are 210 lb,” Joe Rogan said.

He went on to attack people who claimed they were “redefining beauty standards” by saying Adele looked good when she was fat.

“They’re like, ‘We’re redefining beauty standards.’ You can’t do that. You can’t decide that the way you look is what everybody should like. That’s crazy and you can’t do that. And if people have decided worldwide that fitter, healthier bodies are more attractive, that’s just what it is. It’s not redefining beauty standards. The beauty standards come from what people are attracted to.”

Renowned evolutionary biologist and social theorist Joe Rogan — sorry, ex-game show host and podcaster Joe Rogan just made the case that everybody thinks Adele looks better after she lost weight, because everybody likes the same things and that’s just something we all know about the world. Joe Rogan attacks his opposition for claiming that fat people can be attractive by saying they only think that because they’re fat. He then goes on to say that Adele because Adele looks better now to him, clearly everyone the world over also thinks that, too. In Joe Rogan Experience world, fat people are motivated by a malicious desire to drag everyone down into the pits of hell with them — because being fat is a fate worse than death, obviously — while Joe Rogan is a pure-hearted soul who is only ever motivated by a desire to enlighten others and not, I don’t know, drum up clicks for his podcast by being controversial and provocative. Joe Rogan would never do something like that because he’s not fat, and as we’ve just established, manipulating and bullying others due to personal shortcomings is something only fat people do. So how could Joe do it, since he’s not fat? Case closed.

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Joe Rogan has made a lot of great points throughout his comedy and podcast careers, but this isn’t one of them. Sadly, this is just another instance of a close-minded individual who has decided to attack and undermine those who disagree with him rather than be open to learning about the complexity of the situation. Do better, Joe!

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