May 16

Itasca County Health Officials Urge Active Living, Healthy Eating Amid COVID-19


GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – As of Friday, health officials in Itasca County confirm three additional COVID-19 related deaths bringing the total to five.

Three of the deceased were males in their 80s, one was a male in his 90s, and details surrounding the fifth death remain unknown at this time.

Itasca County reported 42 cases of coronavirus as of Friday morning.

As numbers continue to climb in the area, health officials are urging residents to get outdoors with strict social distancing in mind, and encourage active living and healthy eating amid the ongoing pandemic.

Many local resorts are happy to be open for business, but are taking precautionary measures when welcoming guests, such as curbside check-ins, closing off breakfast areas, and practicing extra cleaning in common areas and rooms.

“I just encourage people to get out. Getting outside is really healthy for all of us, our mental capacity. It keeps us moving and active. I think all of us feel better when we do that,” said Megan Christianson, Executive Director of Visit Grand Rapids.

Christianson encourages residents and visitors to use the Mesabi and Legion trails, which are great for hiking and biking.

As of Friday, all ATV and OHV trails are open in Itasca County.

Click here for more information from Visit Grand Rapids.

Get Fit Itasca also has many valuable resources available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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