May 25

Huawei HoloSens SDC camera launched: An eco-friendly device


Huawei HoloSens SDC camera on 25th May 2020. It appears to be fascinating and is being advertised as an eco-friendly device. The company also stated that machine vision will improve the breadth and depth of the HoloSens SDC AI by 2020.

The Huawei HoloSens SDC comes in a teardrop design that opens upon a single touch. Huawei has used a modular approach to design the interior. It is divided into four sections –

  • A section with shade shields to protect from the direct sunlight
  • A data transmission zone
  • An eco-interconnect zone
  • And the essential camera module.

The HoloSens SDC is apparently equipped with multitude of interfaces. This enables the device to connect to almost everything. On top of that the interfaces are designed to be holographically aware.

Huawei has provided an optical storage unit that is integrated within the HoloSens SDC. It runs on a solar-powered Super Blade lithium battery. A single double-wing photovoltaic panel is attached to the HoloSens SDC which traps solar energy and uses it to power the device.

Double-wing photovoltaic panel to power the lithium battery of Huawei HoloSens SDC
Double-wing photovoltaic panel

Thus, Huawei’s HoloSens SDC effectively doesn’t require an electrical grid or a network to function. It also doesn’t require on-site maintenance.

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