June 30

Have More Sex And Other Fun Ways To Calm Inflammation + Balance Your Immune System


3. Optimize vitamins A & D.

Get and take supplemental A and D because Treg cells need vitamins A and D (10) to function properly. But to really maximize vitamin D production you need to get out in the sun. Remember, vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin, so it’s no surprise that getting out in the sun will increase Treg. (11) And when that isn’t an option, use food as medicine to help get these essential immune vitamins.

4. Spice up your cuisine with cinnamon.

Maybe it’s not quite as exciting as sex, of course, but cinnamon makes for good comfort food, and a study in the Journal of Immunology (12) found that sodium benzoate, a metabolite of cinnamon, increased Treg. Yum.

5. Tea-off with jasmine green tea.

I am a sucker for green tea and fortunately for me (and all you other tea-sippers), significant increases in Tregs (13) were observed in the spleens and lymph nodes of mice treated with EGCG from jasmine green tea. Drink several glasses a day to get the best therapeutic benefit. (I’ll join you.)

6. Savor a super-simple smoothie.

Black cumin seed oil, curcumin, (14) astragalus, (15) cat’s claw, (16) and cocoa (17) all have been shown to have a positive effect on Tregs. So why not add them to a delicious smoothie? Add 1 teaspoon of each of these to a base of coconut milk. Throw in three handfuls of greens, frozen berries, and voila, you’ve got yourself a grade-A, Treg pumper-upper. You’re welcome.

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