May 16

Hälsa Foods Begins Program for U.S. Dairy Farmers to Move to Plant-Based Agriculture


NEW YORK – Hälsa, maker of the first and only 100% clean oatmilk yogurts, had a historic day as the brand planted Scandinavian-style organic oat seeds at the pilot farm for their dairy-to-oat conversion program in upstate New York.

“At a time when everybody is complaining about the food supply chain problems, Hälsa is actually taking action and doing something about it,” shared Hälsa co-founders Helena Lumme and Mika Manninen. Following their multi-step program built with Scandinavian organic oat scientists and experts, Hälsa is teaching U.S. dairy farmers to grow organic oats with the same zero water footprint method used in Scandinavia.

Hälsa’s co-founders further noted, “Our program allows U.S. dairy farmers to create a domestic supply chain for premium organic oats that isn’t dependent on imports. We are taking a big step to reshape the future of food in America – a vision that is now more important than ever. We implore others to take similar action in supporting and fostering growth for premium ingredients right here in the USA.”

The Hälsa dairy-to-oat farm conversion program creates a long-term resolution in the U.S. food industry by domestically growing more sustainable, nutritious and higher quality oats that can be used in multiple healthy plant-based foods.

Watch Mika Manninen, co-founder of Hälsa, present the initiative on-site at the High Meadows Farm in Hoosick, New York, here.

About Hälsa Foods

Hälsa Foods was founded by Helena Lumme and Mika Manninen on their innovation of the new 100% clean plant-based platform. Hälsa Organic Oatgurts are sold at ShopRite, Fairway Market, Fresh Direct, all NYC airports, and at select New York metro area stores. Learn more at, and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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