May 15

Grilling can help play role in healthy eating





If you have made a commitment to a more healthy lifestyle, it is said the effort begins and ends in the kitchen.

But Napoleon wants to expand that concept, and make your backyard grill an integral part of your healthy eating program. Cooking on a grill allows you to experiment with different styles and recipes without sacrificing your diet.

For example:

  • Less Fat — Food cooked on a grill isn’t sitting in a pan in its own fatty juices, likely with some sort of oil or grease to prevent sticking. Fatty juices from grilled foods simply drip off and fall through the grates of the grill.
  • Healthy Foods are Better on the Grill — The best grilling vegetables tend to be fresh — not processed — and retain more nutrients when grilled as opposed to boiled or sautéed. Grilling also brings great flavours to lean meats. Season chicken with fresh thyme and rosemary and grill slowly for a delicious, tender cut. Place salmon on a cedar plank and grill with lemon
  • Experiment with Healthy Alternatives — Dessert on the grill can be healthy and delicious — and easy. Glaze pineapple slices with honey and grill lightly — keep an eye on them to prevent burning, but a nice char is simply delectable.
  • Rotisserie Basket — Chicken wings and French fries are typically taboo in a healthy eating plan; but cooking them in a rotisserie basket keeps them out of the fatty oil but still cooks them to a crisp and juicy finish.
  • Grilling Wok — Similar to the rotisserie basket, a grill-top wok allows you to cook favourites such as stir fry without any fatty oils or grease. It is an excellent tool for grilling vegetables without fear of them falling through your cooking grill.

There are some fantastic healthy recipes that can be whipped up on your grill (Click on each below for the recipe):

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