May 18

Eco-friendly waterproof FireStarters, FireStrips, FireDust and Firesheets.



If you are searching for environmentally friendly fire starters to help you quickly light your barbecue, fire pit or campfire, you may be interested in a new range of eco-friendly handmade fire starters designed by Cornelius Grace. Early bird pledges are now available from just £9 with worldwide delivery expected to take place during August 2020.


Made from recycled sawdust, wood and wax the fire starters offer a quick and efficient way to start a fire and are completely waterproof. Four different products are available in the form of FireStarters offering a long burning no kindling required light. FireDust designed to relight embers of dying fires with an “instant punch”. Fire Strips quick burning, wax strips which are great with kindling and offer excellent value for money and finally Fire Sheets, uncut Fire Strips enabling you to choose your required size.

“We have minimised the production risks by pre-producing moulds, testing our production capabilities and we have got the facilities and premises to manufacture the products. In light of Covid-19 We have been following the rules and guidelines set from our government. We have put in place a 5X5 metre workplace for each employee. Our campaign is due to finish after the lockdown, however we have the capabilities to manufacture during these strange times.”

Source : Kickstarter

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