May 18

Eco-friendly clothing brand launched by Arbroath couple goes from strength to strength


Life has changed a lot for Jay Marriott and Jackie Campbell in the past year.

However, their business KU Clothing has gone from strength to strength.

Jay and partner Jackie, from Arbroath, welcomed daughter Mollie-Jo in December, just seven months after launching their environmentally-friendly clothing site Killing Unicorn (KU) Clothing.

Over the past year, the company has changed suppliers – meaning the brand is now supporting more British companies and even has a Dundee embroiderer on board to help their designs come to life.

Angus pair launch eco-friendly clothing label

Jay, who also works full-time at Halliburton in Arbroath, said: “The past year has been great – we have really upgraded our products and changed to better suppliers who are also in the UK.

“We have recently launched our new collection and have seen orders coming from all over, including America.

“I would say about a quarter of our custom is now coming from the US, which is an amazing way to get your brand out there, especially as in America they have so much choice.

“Jackie and I had our daughter Mollie-Jo in December, so Jackie has been at home fulfilling all the orders and I have really been working on my web design skills and coming up with new ideas and getting our brand out to influencers.

“It is crazy looking back on our launch last year and just how much we have improved.

“I think our next main goal is to reach a point where Jackie can stay at home full-time and focus on Killing Unicorn.

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“Our clothes are much better quality now and once we have selected our products from our suppliers and I have designed the garment, we are now using a Dundee company to embroider and print the designs.

“It’s been amazing for two local businesses to be fully supporting each other and as he is so local we can actually go and check our products in person. It means that we can really be a team effort.”

Despite the current pandemic, Killing Unicorn is still able to get some of its collection out to customers.

Jay added: “Although we have had to change a lot of what we do we are still able to get some things out to the public, such as our hoodies, which has been really great.”

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