June 12

Does The 1,200 Calorie Diet Work For Weight Loss?


In order to help them lose weight, a lot of people follow the 1,200 calorie diet. Is it effective enough to actually promote weight loss? More importantly, is it actually safe enough for the people who are following it.

1,200 Calorie Diet: Safe or Nay?

Since weight loss happens when you burn more calories than those you eat, a lot of people have been following the 1,200 calorie diet in order to promote weight loss and shed some pounds as quickly as possible. This is because the diet itself lowers a person’s calorie intake to only 1,200 on a single day that would supposedly help you lose weight since 1,200 calories is actually significantly fewer than the average amount of calories that adults need to help maintain their current weight. The diet itself is mostly popular in clinical settings where medical supervision is available, as opposed to usual diets largely followed by the public.

In fact, doctors, dietitians and some healthcare providers even prescribe the low-calorie diet as a go-to for those who want to quickly lose weight.

This is because numerous researches have stated that weight loss happens when we decrease our caloric intake by 500-750 calories, which translates to 1,500-1,800 calories a day for men and 1,200-1,500 calories a day for women.

With that being said, is the 1,200 calorie diet effective and safe?

Per studies, it’s effective but not something that should be recommended to people.

This is because the health benefits you can get from such a diet are associated with caloric restriction in general, and not the 1,200 calorie diet specifically. Furthermore, following the diet itself can also lead to weight loss failure since restricting calories by that much can lead to metabolic changes in your body that may lead to weight regain over time, as well as weight cycling, which is detrimental to our mental health.

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As such, instead of following the diet, experts suggest to follow health-based weight loss tips such as eating more whole foods, increasing your daily activity, cutting out fats and sugar and consulting your doctor.

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