June 13

DIVAK wooden sunglasses 40% off


wooden sunglasses

DIVAK Sunglasses launched a new Kickstarter campaign making available their eco-friendly highly durable wooden sunglasses made from natural wood and handcrafted to provide a “uniquely stylish” finish. Early bird pledges are available from $72 or roughly £58 offering a 40% discount off the recommended retail price. If all goes to plan worldwide shipping to certain countries is expected to take place during August 2020.

DIVAK wooden sunglasses

DIVAK Sunglasses are a combination of durable, eco-friendly materials and style. Usually wooden sunglasses break easily, but we are using a special method of creating very strong plywood. That way, DIVAKs become really hard to break.Wood has an amazing texture. Every piece of it is unique. Every pair of our sunglasses is hand-crafted with the single goal to enhance the wooden texture. We are using a 8-step process that makes the wood look rich and elegant by highlighting its color and figure. That process also protects the wood surface from dirt and moisture.”

“Nowadays, artificial materials that harm the environment, such as plastic, are becoming a serious threat. With our wooden sunglasses, we want to inspire people and companies to go back to natural materials and take care of the environment while consuming and producing.

Wood is not only natural and biodegredable but it is also renewable. That is why it is probably the best material on this planet. We believe that people and companies should use wood instead of plastic, and do that in a sustainable way – by helping the forests.”

Source : Kickstarter

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