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Celebrity Chef Art Smith Dropped 70 lbs. in Quarantine!


Celebrity Chef Art Smith Dropped 70 lbs. in Quarantine!


Art Smith on “Top Chef” in 2018.

Art Smith is getting healthy in quarantine! The celebrity chef recently dropped 70 lbs. and he’s opening up about his weight-loss journey on Instagram.

Smith, who started at 330 lbs., explained that rugby player Lucas Cancelier helped him get on the right track.

Cancelier was on his way to Argentina when he stopped to visit Smith, his husband Jesus Salgueri, and their four children in Florida… right when the coronavirus pandemic started.

Art shared on Instagram, “February 1, 2020 a friend from Argentina came to visit and saved my life. Lucas Cancelier, pro Rugby Player and business man @iamdapower took a #60yearold #330 pound Chef that was suffering from #Type2Diabetes #HighBloodSugar and bouts of #Anxiety and under his professional guidance, even with a #pandemic we met our goal.”

He added, “I want to say thank you to Lucas for saving my life and believing in me.”

The “Top Chef Masters” alum further opened up on “Today,” saying, “[Cancelier] said, ‘Let’s try something!’ He put together an exercise routine for me. We ran to the sporting goods store and got some simple things like a yoga mat. And when nobody could go to the gym, we started running on railroad tracks turned into a walking path.”

Smith continued, “Who would ever think that a pro rugby player would get stuck with me and that he would change my whole life? He’s more than a coach. He’s a mentor.”

Now, the 60-year-old is limiting sweets and cutting out processed sugar, while incorporating workouts into his daily life. “If you want to enjoy eating, you have to enjoy train(ing),” he told “Today.” “You train 30 minutes in your house and you can enjoy it. You make it normal.”

The cookbook author is also sharing comfort food recipes on Instagram and hoping to add healthy options to his restaurant menus.

Smith previously lost 120 lbs. in 2011, but gained back 50 lbs. in 2014.

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