May 20

Cascades expands packaging solutions with new e‑commerce product line


Eco‑friendly recycling and packaging solution provider Cascades has expanded its packaging solutions with a new product line for e‑commerce.

The new line is categorised under the company’s cascades e‑com packaging solutions. The line of customised, creative and sustainable packaging solutions is intended for online retailers.

The packaging line is developed to satisfy the requirements of the customers and the growing market.

Cascades containerboard packaging president and chief operating officer Charles Malo said: “With the expansion of online shopping, especially during the pandemic, corrugated packaging needs are growing and changing.

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“We’ve worked extremely hard to provide our customers with a full range of solutions that go beyond traditional packaging or a simple product catalogue.

“We offer services, tools, laboratory tests and even innovative supply chain processes.

“Our goal is to cover every angle with this new product offering.”

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Cascades specialises in providing sustainable, innovative, hygiene and recovery solutions.

The company operates over 90 facilities in North America and Europe and employs 12,000 women and men across its network.

In December last year, Cascades developed new fully recyclable fresh food packaging using 100% recycled fibre.

Cascades’ platform includes customised solutions such as sustainable packaging for e‑commerce and expert services.

Additionally, the company conduct shipping tests at the new Cascades shipping test laboratory in Kingsey Falls.

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