May 25

Best BBQ in NYC Mighty Quinns – Times Square Chronicles


When you think of Memorial Day, you thinks of veterans and picnics, especially BBQ. Mighty Quinn’s gives a eco-friendly barbeque experience. Merging Texas and the Carolinas BBQ techniques, what emerges is all-natural meats and poultry, seasoned with perfect spice blends and then smoked with wood for hours until the perfect harmony of smoke, flavor and time emerges. Mighty Quinn’s meats are so juicy and tender they melt in your mouth.

When my friend Tyler decided to come break me out of confinement, we knew BBQ was the order of the day. We ordered the Burnt Ends Sandwich, caramelized ends of slow-smoked brisket, chopped and simmered in house-made BBQ Sauce. Served with an optional assortment of pickled veggies & slaw for $13.50 and The Pulled Pork Sandwich $9.50. The pork is hand-pulled, slow-smoked pork shoulder glazed with house-made BBQ Sauce. The sandwich for take out now come separately. The rolls, sauce and meat all come in containers and you have to ask for the pickled veggies & slaw as they were left out of our order. That didn’t matter though because this meat is so tender and delightfully tasty even the sauce wasn’t needed.

To accompany our treats we ordered Burnt End Baked Beans, with bacon and pieces of slow-smoked brisket for $3.95 and French Fries, uncovered to preserve their crispiness at $3.45. The beans had chucks of Burnt ends and were delectable. The fries had their skin and were beyond fresh.

We didn’t order the brisket, but the salesgirl gave me a taster and in all honesty it was so tender and flavorful, we came back later so Tyler could bring back a care package to her significant other. Seasoned with rock salt, pepper, and paprika rub. It is ridiculous amazing. Tyler ended up taking back a Brisket Sandwich $13.50, Pulled Pork Sandwich and the salacious beans.

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We are definitely going back for the Spare Ribs done St. Louis style and slow-smoked for 6 hours. They range from $10.25 for a single serving to 26.95 for a whole rack.

Mighty Quinn’s has several locations. We went to the West Village location at 75 Greenwich Avenue. There is also 1492 2nd Avenue and 103 2nd Ave

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