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Best And Worst Foods To Eat Amid Lockdown


The food we eat is just as important as how much and how intense our workouts have to be in order to lose unwanted pounds. All the calories we burn may or may not be lesser in comparison to how much we bring back to our bodies through food consumption, especially if we eat the wrong kinds of food every day. This is almost certainly the case as we continue to experience months living under lockdown or quarantine orders, which have caused avenues for weight loss exercises to be limited to the confines of our homes. 

Fortunately, even under quarantine, a balanced diet (when combined with enough exercise) is all you need for you to shed excess weight daily and avoid unwanted health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. With all else said, here are the best and worst foods to eat for weight loss amid lockdown orders:


Referring to calorie deficit, performance nutritionist Simon Jurwik told T3 Australia that “you should try and eat a well balanced diet so you get the right amount of nutrients and minerals.” Though ideally this involves eating a minimum of five fruits and vegetables daily, Jurwik listed the following foods to eat for weight loss: 

Food Rich In Protein 

Protein-rich food such as chicken, eggs and nuts are good choices because protein itself aids not only in muscle recovery after an intense workout, but also in weight loss.

Low GI Foods 

The glycemic index (GI) determines how food can affect your blood sugar levels. The smaller the number, the lower the impact on your blood sugar, according to WebMD.

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With this in mind, it is a good idea to consume oatmeal, sweet potatoes, legumes and other foods that have a low GI. Aside from maintaining your blood sugar levels, they keep you full for longer and have other health benefits as well.


Fruits in general are good for your health, but your best bets for weight loss are pears, raspberry, avocado and other fruits rich in fiber.


Like fruits, vegetables in general are good for your overall health. However, if you are looking for veggies that aid specifically in your weight loss goals, try fiber and protein-rich leafy greens such as kale and spinach.


Although technically not a food item, regular daily sips of water are essential to keep you up and running all day. “I know this isn’t a food item but I think water is something that people often forget about and it’s important to keep hydrated,” Jurwik explained.


Although Jurwik does not believe in “bad foods,” he would not recommend eating takeout food for breakfast every morning. Because they are “more calorie-dense,” he advised limiting consumption of the following foods while on lockdown:

Processed Foods

Processed foods are loaded with unhealthy additives and artificial (as opposed to natural) ingredients that enable them to last longer, giving them an articulated taste.


Cutting on your alcohol intake helps a lot in your weight loss goals while on quarantine.

Refined Sugar 

Refined sugar is unhealthy because it spikes your insulin levels and lacks nutritional value, among other reasons. It also is addictive, can damage your teeth and even cause organ damage.

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Chocolate Bars 

Commercial chocolate bars not only usually contain a very high amount of sugar, but also have a few additives. Better snacking alternatives for chocolate bars include protein bars and beef or vegan jerky.

Takeout Food 

Like processed foods, takeouts from fast food restaurants are high in calories and are loaded with “bad” fats, unhealthy refined carbs and high sugar content.

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