June 2

BBC highlights Costa Rica: ‘The road to the world’s first zero-carbon country’ – The Tico Times | Costa Rica News | Travel


The BBC on Monday published a feature story highlighting Costa Rica’s efforts to decarbonize by 2050.

While Costa Rica promotes an eco-friendly ideal, “for those familiar with its capital, San José, a different picture emerges,” author Jocelyn Timperley writes.

“The reality of life here in the heart of the country’s central valley can feel far less eco-friendly. San José’s streets are typically full to brimming with cars, daily traffic jams and often-unreliable public transport.”

The article continues by explaining Costa Rica’s plans to improve public transport with an electric train, bike routes and walking paths throughout San José.

“It’s here the changes will need to begin if the country is to become truly zero carbon,” Timperley says.

The whole story is well worth a read: Click here to read the story in the BBC.

Costa Rica in the news

Costa Rica has received plenty of coverage in recent days from international outlets. Here’s what they’re saying:


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