May 25

5 Healthy Eating Habits While Under Quarantine


The nation-wide lockdown has forced us to adapt to a million things and while some of them are good habits, some are certainly not good for our health and physical well-being. And the worst of all is our eating habits. Binge-eating, over-eating, or sometimes skipping a meal, have become our quarantine lifestyle, and though we might consider them harmless, they are actually the main cause of several health issues. 

Although it’s easier said than done, we should utilize this time to bring some positive changes in our life. Let’s start by changing our unhealthy food habits. So here are five healthy eating habits that we are adopting during the lockdown and never giving up, and so should you.

Snack Healthy

We are all guilty of eating mindlessly while binging on our favourite shows. Not only are we eating unhealthy junk but also consuming unnecessary calories which might cause weight issues. So, next time you reach out to a bag of chips while watching a movie, stop and choose a healthier snack instead. Likewise, curb your mid-day or late-night hunger pangs by making a healthy snack at home.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Now we all know how skipping breakfast can affect our body and metabolism, however, we tend to do it quite often. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it might cause a lot of health issues in the long run. While in quarantine, make a habit to have proper breakfast every day. It will help prevent digestion problems, boosts metabolism, and help you maintain a healthy routine. 

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Plan A Diet

With careless eating comes a few extra kilos, and it might be time to get rid of them before you gain more, or they probe health issues. So while you try new workout ideas at home, also plan a diet. It goes without saying that a balanced diet is a must for everyone, so say no to any type of crash diets. Plan a diet that provides you the necessary carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc while keeping your calories in check. Also, keep your cheat days to just 1 or 2 days a week.  

Cook Your Meals

Some of us are not a pro at cooking and don’t live with their families, so we resort to food delivery apps or canned food for our daily meals. But desperate times need desperate measures, right? Cooking may seem like a tedious activity, but gradually it becomes rather fun. You will end up eating more healthy food and save a lot of money as well. 

Switch To Healthier Drinks

It’s hard to imagine life without soda and alcohol. Though it might be impossible to quit them all together, it’s important we keep the intake to minimal. Switch to more healthy drinks like green tea, healthy coffeelemonade, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. And don’t forget to drink water as much as you can. 

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