June 1

10 new fitness apps and physical health companies to try out at home


  • As the usual gyms and exercises facilities have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fitness industry is quickly adapting to find new ways to reach customers at home.
  • Fitness companies are developing interactive apps, offering at-home friendly equipment, and customizing their services to adapt to individual needs.
  • CARiFiT is an platform designed specifically for new moms to workout while interacting with their babies, while app REVOOLA offers everything from HIIT classes to mental sleeping exercises. 
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These are strange and unprecedented times for the fitness industry, but never has there been more opportunity for innovation in this space. Fitness technology is booming, with millions being confined to working out at home, the fitness industry is ripe for digital solutions and fast-paced growth. Here’s our pick of 10 fitness companies to watch in 2020, who are using technology, sustainability and digital to turbo-charge their businesses:

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