May 13

10 Best Slack Lines for Kids Stuck at Home (2020)


If your family loves the challenge and competition of American Ninja Warrior on television, you’re going to love having your own challenge course at home to keep the kids active and to give you a full-body workout as well. This dual-purpose kit from American Ninja Warrior features a top quality slackline that can instantly transform to a ninja line when elevated. 

This set-up includes the 40 foot slackline along with a powder coated six foot ratchet system, plus nine obstacles including one nylon rope knot, one steel T-bar, two steel monkey bar holds, three steel gym rings with ABS textured grips, one poly-resin ninja ball, and one ninja cone. All these are great for building upper body strength. This system can handle up to 250 pounds, which means parents and kids can get in on the action. 

This system was built with safety in mind. All the obstacles include 6,000 pound capacity steel hanging delta safety clips and use either UV resistant nylon rope with safety buckle attachments or UV resistant webbing straps.

Just imagine the fun you could set up with a backyard water slide at the end of this line!

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